Personal Gym

Over the past month or so, Justin and I have worked to build up our own personal mini-gym.  While it’s not much, it’s enough to get us in a schedule to improve ourselves and our health.

We now have a basic weight bench with 80 lbs of weight, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 lb dumbbells, workout mats, bikes and running gear.  Every Monday/Thursday we do weights, Tuesday, Friday basic cardio and Wednesday, Saturday either a 3 mile run or a 5+ mile bike-ride.

Our weight-lifting is by-far the most difficult and pushes us the most I think, but the results will be worth it once we start to see them.  On a side-note, do you know how expensive good dumbbells can be?!

Running Is Hard

After a runAs I continue on my medication for my acne treatment, I am finding running to be harder for various reasons but I’m still going strong. Today was Spring Fling at Purdue which is an afternoon of activities in appreciation of staff and faculty.

After lunch with some coworkers I had a French tutoring session with my tutor, Julie. I then went home, took Sparky out and got ready to go running. I ran a few times with Justin last week which were quite nice. I haven’t really ran with him much so it was nice for us to do something together outside that’s good for our health. This was the first run where I’ve really pushed myself in several weeks and it showed. While I had a decent overall pace of 8:19/mile, I only ran 4.5 miles and that was with two breaks.

This ran was flawed for several reasons. Primarily, I shouldn’t be running during the day at all anymore for a few reasons. Although I did have lots of sunscreen on, it’s just too hot to be running during the day. Either nighttime running or early morning runs will have to be required. Second, my longer hair is making it a lot to run just because heat gets trapped more when trying to escape from the body.

Although I did run 4.5 miles today, I actually had to stop twice to rest which was pretty disappointing psychologically. Still, it was a good run overall that was also o a more hilly route than normal and went a direction I normally do not go which provided a nice change of scenery.

After I complete my Isotretinoin, I’ll need to start training for a half-marathon as I am running one in Chicago on September 11th of this year. Yes, it’s also the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Until next time, au revoir!

2011 Purdue 5K Challenge

Today was the Purdue 5K Challenge benefiting the Purdue Cancer Center.

I’ll post more pictures and information later, however I was able to do better this year than last with a time of 22:36 placing 16th among my age bracket and 58th among all men.  Until the final results list is released later today I won’t know my overall rank however I’m confident that I was still in the top 100!

Running is now work

Today was the first time in two weeks that I have actually ran at all.  I ran one mile tonight on the treadmill that my parents brought down last weekend (thanks Mom & Dad!)

While I only ran one mile and (including a slow one minute warmup) it took about nine minutes to run, I couldn’t really go any further afterwards.  The main cause to this is just that my knee was acting up and I could actually feel my pulse from my right knee down through my lower leg.  Hopefully that’s just temporary and it should be due to combined with not having ran for two weeks due to the bitter cold temperatures along with the fact that this isotretinoin does wear me out quicker than if I weren’t on it.