Covert Sparky

Yesterday we made a startling discovery here at home.  It would seem that Sparky has learned how to get in the kitchen even when the gate is closed.

We have a gate on our kitchen so that Sparky can’t get into the cat food.  It has a human door along with a small cat door.  Typically he would look at us in the kitchen either through the grates or put his paws on the top to support himself.  However, sometimes he would stick his head through the cat door and look at me.  I thought he was just being a dog and didn’t think anything more of it.

Last night though, I heard a noise in the kitchen after dinner and looked – he was trying to get something off of the counter but the human door wasn’t open at all.  The video below is from just after that when we were watching him be a bad Sparky.  Justin gave Sparky some incentive to actually go into the kitchen.

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