Office mates

As of the beginning of February, we have moved! Justin has started a new role while I get to continue to work for Purdue, albeit remotely.

My new office is pretty nice, but the new office mates sure are lazy! Sparky and Bob sure do like to lounge around a lot!



Time: A Precious Commodity

ClocksThis year, I have found myself beginning to have ever more commitments.  These additional calendar items have added more pressure to my calendar, yet I do see them as beneficial.

I am a part-time graduate student at Purdue University while also working full-time for the University.  This means that while maintaining a full 40+ hour work-week, I also have two classes which will place considerable time constraints on my calendar as the semester progresses.

Despite this, I have started working out drastically more than ever before.  Since I have started PowerHour, I have yet to miss a single session.  This is also a five-day-a-week commitment.

In addition, Justin and I do still enjoy a life with our doggy, Sparky.  I visit with family from afar when possible as well.

A full schedule can be very stressful and tiring, but the rewards can be large as well.  In my case, this hard work will pay off.  I will end up with a Master degree and a much fitter body.  I’ll be able to live an even better life with Justin, Sparky and our future family.

Photo Credit: nicksarebi via Compfight cc

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Photogenic Sparky

The SparkyCam site has been broken for a while but will soon be updated to show one pic per day.  Here are a few pics of Sparky recently that have showed up to show how photogenic he can be.

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Sparky: A Week Later

It’s been one week since Sparky’s biopsy and it’s been quite the week, sadly not for the best reasons.

Late Monday we got a call from Dr. Corriveau of the Purdue Small Animal Hospital with the results of his biopsy.  Unfortunately Sparky was diagnosed with squamous-cell carcinoma.  While the best course of action is to get into surgery to remove it, this requires very expensive imaging to determine if the cancer has spread and to determine the margin of the cancer.  After that would be the surgery which would be even more expensive.  It would most likely require removing a few teeth as well.  Taking into consideration the huge cost which isn’t feasible at this time along with how we feel his quality-of-life would be degraded, we opted for the next-best possibility.  We started Sparky on chemotherapy.

Yesterday was his first dose of Piroxicam.  It’s typically used for somewhat different areas of cancer but is promising.  The best we can hope for is that it will maintain the current cancer and not allow it to grow.  In a few weeks we will go back for another check-up.

Here’s hoping that our good boy, Sparky, gets through this successfully.  He’s a great dog and it’s hard to even think about him having cancer.


Sparky’s First Procedure

Tomorrow, Sparky goes in for his first procedure.

This past weekend we noticed that he had a growth on the roof of his mouth by his teeth.  The vet isn’t sure what it is with their initial sample so tomorrow they’re going to sedate him and get a biopsy for a much more thorough analysis.

Hopefully the results come back benign!