Run To Keep Warm

Before I left for work today, I decided that I wanted to run after work as the weather was looking better and the roads should be clearer.  However, just after I left the house I (of course) realized that I had forgotten my running gear.  It wasn’t really worth going back for since I was already running late so I decided to just run a shorter run once I got home.

After I arrived home after work, I took Sparky out after getting into my gear.  While getting dressed I checked for new updates on my iPhone and lookie there – a new Nike+ GPS update!  The latest update (3.0.1) added in Nike+ Tag.  This allows you to play “tag” with someone else – either on distance-based or time-based runs.  Whoever runs the shortest or least-time is “it.”  As my only running friend on Nike+ is Jake, I started a game of tag with him then started my run with a goal of running only three miles.

Once I got going it was clear that this run wasn’t going to be as easy as I’d thought.  The roads were better than yesterday, but as two sections of road that I run on don’t have City Buses running on them, they really weren’t that great either.  As I didn’t have too much ice during the run though, it could have been worse.  When I had run about 3/4 of a mile, I was about ready to just run only two miles instead as my breath was coming right back at me (this can make it harder to breathe as you are exhaling a lot more air at a time than if you were walking which would mean that I’m not getting enough fresh air in on each breath).  However, once I did finally reach the first mile I decided that I wasn’t going to give up that easily and forged on.

During my runs, the Nike+ GPS app informs me of my distance every half-mile and every ten minutes.  Once I got to two miles, I turned around and made my way back.  I completed my run a short two miles later.  I didn’t beat my earlier run’s average pace, but I am pretty happy with the pace I was able to get – 8’09″/mi.  I’ve been slowly lowering that number over time and hope to have it around 7’/mi by the time I run the Purdue Challenge in April.

Overall, I have now ran 151.3 miles with the Nike+ GPS app and a total of 891.22 miles!

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