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Purdue Half Marathon and 5K

Yesterday was the first annual Purdue Half Marathon and 5K.  It was a pretty cold day ( 43º according to the Nike Running app), but the race itself was pretty fun.

As it took me days to fully recover from the half marathons that I have run, I have decided that they definitely aren’t for me.  I congratulate those that did run it, but I’m perfectly happy to run the 5k alone.

I’m also happy with my overall time although it definitely is lower than the first 5k I’ve ever ran back in 2010.

OVERALL RESULTS:            (Number finished = 763)

Place    Age
Overall  Grp  Name                     Pace     FINISH
     74   11  KEITH MCDERMOTT          07:57    24:42.5

The hardest part of the entire race was definitely the climb back up the back of the stadium. That is quite a steep incline!  (You can tell where this was on the track by looking at the darkest part of the heat-map for my run of the 5k to the right.  I actually just walked part of the way up!)

Despite the one slow-part I encountered, I did enjoy the race and would definitely run it again and recommend it to others.  It was the inaugural race so of course there will be kinks to work out, but it can only get better over time!

Enjoy a small gallery below of pics of runners from the half marathon and others in the 5k portion as well.

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Purdue 5k 2012

Today was the 2012 Purdue 5k Challenge. Mom and Dad came down to watch us run. This was Justin’s first official 5k and he did great! My bib was #888 and I finished 179th place with a time of 24:03. Justin was #1392 and finished 433rd place with a time of 28:14.


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Running From the Heat

This morning I ran a 5 mile run.  I have a half-marathon coming up in the middle of September and need to be running more especially in the morning.  This is especially important given the recent crazy heat Indiana and much of the midwest has been seeing.  Today’s temperature hit the low 90’s with a heat-index of over 100ºF.  So, I made a point of going to sleep earlier last night so I could run this morning.

Despite getting up around 5:45 and starting my run just after 6am, the weather was still crazy-hot for so early in the morning.  I was OK with my overall pace given the heat, but it certainly wasn’t what I was aiming for (under 8min/mile).  I’m trying to lengthen my runs while obtaining an overall pace of 7:30/mile.

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1,000 Miles

Yesterday I passed a milestone in my running which I hadn’t originally thought I’d get to.  I ran a weird-distance to run my 1,000th mile!

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Running is now work

Today was the first time in two weeks that I have actually ran at all.  I ran one mile tonight on the treadmill that my parents brought down last weekend (thanks Mom & Dad!)

While I only ran one mile and (including a slow one minute warmup) it took about nine minutes to run, I couldn’t really go any further afterwards.  The main cause to this is just that my knee was acting up and I could actually feel my pulse from my right knee down through my lower leg.  Hopefully that’s just temporary and it should be due to combined with not having ran for two weeks due to the bitter cold temperatures along with the fact that this isotretinoin does wear me out quicker than if I weren’t on it.