Winter Running

Today was the second five-mile run of the week.  It was also the second day in a row of running around the campus instead of on a county road.  My runs normally focus on those roads as I typically would just come home from work, take Sparky out, then get dressed and go for a 4-6 mile run – depending on how far I felt like going.

These past two runs however, I decided to simply take my gear with me and change directly into it right after work.  This allowed me to run around the campus – after which I would then go home.  While this means that Sparky would have to stay in his cage longer, it was actually pretty minimal and I think that it’s better as I can then devote time to him when I got home instead of having to leave him alone for almost an hour just after he’d seen me.

Regardless of that, I’ve noticed something these last few runs.  While my time has gotten better lately (I’m not around an 8:08 avg pace), I am much more tired after the fact.  While this could just be because it’s so cold outside, I wasn’t this tired a month ago.  Well what’s changed in the last month?  I’ve started isotretinoin.  My doctor has warned me that he doesn’t prescribe this to Purdue sports people during their season as it can make you feel like you just can’t go as far.  I’m finding that while I’m able to push myself during the run itself, afterwards I am completely drained and pretty much worthless until the next day or even further.

I had hoped to run 5-6 miles tomorrow as the weather was going to be near 40, but given how tired I already am, it doesn’t seem like a good idea. Needless to say, I’m already counting the days until I am done with this medication.  Unfortunately, it’s still just over four more months away.  Yippee!  🙂

Skin Changes

Today was my sixteenth dosage of isotretinoin. I can clearly see the changes that are already happening. As I am sure others can as well.

For one, my face is considerably drier. It no longer is oily as the sebaceous glands are starting to shutdown. I need to apply moisturizer several times a day to counteract the heavy flaking that I am having.

Also, my lips are much drier. As I previously posted, I normally never need chapstick but am applying it more and more now.

I have not noticed much difference on my back which is the worst part and what is really bring targeted. I have however begun to notice my arms becoming quite thin where the worst acne is. This is causing the areas to release quite easily and also stand out heavily.

Hopefully the effects hit my back soon as much as they’ve hit everywhere else…

Isotretinoin – Week 2

Today starts week two of my treatment with Isotretinoin.  So, what’s changed so far?

Well, I’ve only gone through one week of treatment but some changes are starting to take place.  While I’ve not noticed any difference in the acne distribution and strength on my back, I have started to notice one of the most common side-effects – dry lips.  I haven’t really used Chapstick in a long time but have in the last few days applied it several times as my lips are tending to get dry at times.  I know that this will increase massively over the entire course of my treatment.

Although the strength of the acne on my back has not changed, I think that my back is starting to get a bit dryer although it very well could have just been from the relatively low humidity lately with the winter weather.

We’ll see what the next week brings and if the effects become more noticeable.

Isotretinoin – Week 1

I have dealt with acne for a long time now.  I know that my acne isn’t as severe as my brother’s, but it’s still been with me for a time and hasn’t gotten any better.  It’s finally to the point however where something different has to happen to try to get rid of it as everything that I’ve before tried has yielded no real results.

After carefully discussing it with my doctor and Justin, we all decided that Isotretinoin (previously marketed under the brand-name Accutane) was something that would help.  As such, today during dinner I’ll be having my first dosage of Isotretinoin.  I should be on it for about five months, which is the standard treatment time.  After which, I should have a considerably different skin condition – one which is much clearer.  I am not expecting it to completely clear up the acne, but instead to make a considerable improvement of it.

Throughout the treatment course, I’ll be taking pictures of the progress for documentation and tracking and posting updates on any changes that I see.