Isotretinoin – Week 2

Today starts week two of my treatment with Isotretinoin.  So, what’s changed so far?

Well, I’ve only gone through one week of treatment but some changes are starting to take place.  While I’ve not noticed any difference in the acne distribution and strength on my back, I have started to notice one of the most common side-effects – dry lips.  I haven’t really used Chapstick in a long time but have in the last few days applied it several times as my lips are tending to get dry at times.  I know that this will increase massively over the entire course of my treatment.

Although the strength of the acne on my back has not changed, I think that my back is starting to get a bit dryer although it very well could have just been from the relatively low humidity lately with the winter weather.

We’ll see what the next week brings and if the effects become more noticeable.

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