Isotretinoin – Week 1

I have dealt with acne for a long time now.  I know that my acne isn’t as severe as my brother’s, but it’s still been with me for a time and hasn’t gotten any better.  It’s finally to the point however where something different has to happen to try to get rid of it as everything that I’ve before tried has yielded no real results.

After carefully discussing it with my doctor and Justin, we all decided that Isotretinoin (previously marketed under the brand-name Accutane) was something that would help.  As such, today during dinner I’ll be having my first dosage of Isotretinoin.  I should be on it for about five months, which is the standard treatment time.  After which, I should have a considerably different skin condition – one which is much clearer.  I am not expecting it to completely clear up the acne, but instead to make a considerable improvement of it.

Throughout the treatment course, I’ll be taking pictures of the progress for documentation and tracking and posting updates on any changes that I see.

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