New Theme

Once again, has changed themes.  This time, I’ve decided to change to a theme that’s easier to read, not as chaotic and is more professional.

Previous Site Layout

Previous Site Layout

To the left is a screenshot of the previous layout.  I’ve decided that I’m going to start taking a screenshot of previous layouts to be able to see how the site progresses over time.

Enjoy the new theme and let me know of any issues/concerns here!

Editorial Content

As it stands, is quite the boring little spot on the Interwebs.  As much as I like my current setup, I think that I may soon shift my thinking for this site.

I’ve got a few web programming projects that I’ve been putting off that will now take center stage in my personal time.  Once those are complete, I’m going to try my hand at creating content for this site that has some actual depth and content, rather than the rare post that is more a rant than anything else (although those will still remain).

Also, despite my love of my tagline “None of the content, all of the hype”, which I came up with when I first started this site years ago, I may look at changing it to something more in-line with where I want the future of this site to go instead of where it has been in the past.

Thanks and look for more information soon!


Quick post:

Steve Dahl, the radio legend, has been twittering for some time.  About 20 minutes ago, he started following me on twitter!  I know, it’s nothing big, but considering that he’s got 25,000 followers and less than 1,000 followees, I feel pretty good about that.  🙂

Go steve and it’s great to still get the comedy despite not being able to hear it on the air.