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As it stands, KeithMcD.com is quite the boring little spot on the Interwebs.  As much as I like my current setup, I think that I may soon shift my thinking for this site.

I’ve got a few web programming projects that I’ve been putting off that will now take center stage in my personal time.  Once those are complete, I’m going to try my hand at creating content for this site that has some actual depth and content, rather than the rare post that is more a rant than anything else (although those will still remain).

Also, despite my love of my tagline “None of the content, all of the hype”, which I came up with when I first started this site years ago, I may look at changing it to something more in-line with where I want the future of this site to go instead of where it has been in the past.

Thanks and look for more information soon!

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