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  • Welcome back

    Welcome back to It has been over three years since my last post and a considerable amount has changed in my life. We’ve moved to Washington state and I’ve changed jobs twice – moving from Purdue to Amazon Web Services and then over to Oracle where I am very happy! Our daughter has grown […]

  • Shutterfly Winner

    As promised, the winner of the recent Shutterfly Contest I held is being announced via this post.  As luck would have it though, I had received several codes but a family member ended up not wanting a code, so the other two entrants are both winners!  Everybody wins!  🙂 Congrats to Lori and Jaime and […]

  • KeithMcD Network

    Yesterday I spent most the day configuring WordPress MultiSite. This is a feature that the WordPress team introduced in version 3.0 and expanded upon in version 3.1. This allows me to basically run my own blogging service – similar to or Blogger. So, I now can run my own blogging service – what is the […]

  • Site Upgrade

    Yesterday WordPress, the software which powers this and other sites that I host and support, updated to version 3.1. I have upgraded this site and am playing around with some of the new/updated features.  As such, a few very minor changes will be coming up.  I will also be tweaking the theme some and trying to […]

  • New Year Randomness

    A few things for the new year: Congratulations to those in New Hampshire for being another state allowing gay marriage.  It’s a crime that it’s not globally recognized, but we’ll get there eventually.  I guess I wrongfully assumed that the phrase “…all men are created equal.” in the Declaration of Independence actually applied to ALL […]