WWDC ’09: Get ready to hide

WWDC 2009It’s coming up again tomorrow – WWDC.  What’s WWDC?  That’s the Worldwide Developers Conference help by Apple every year.  I enjoy this conference and usually end up constantly refreshing the news sites (typically Engadget) to get information on what was new information was released from Apple since the last update.

Last year was a great year for WWDC and the Apple community.  The biggest announcement was of course – the iPhone 3G.  Other big announcements at last year’s conference was iPhone OS 2.0, MobileMe (a replacement to .Mac) and a peak at Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6).  This conference was headed by none other than Steve Jobs.

This year’s conference is expected to be just as big.  Snow Leopard should have some good announcements and is expected to be released a little later in the year.  Like last year, the iPhone is also expected to have big announcements.  Rumors have been circulating for several weeks about possible features to be included on a new iPhone (tentatively dubbed the iPhone Video).  Such features include auto-focus camera, video, front-facing camera, compas, and possibly a further refined design.  Unfortunately, due to health concerns, Steve won’t be heading this year’s WWDC but will instead be headed by other Apple top executives.

Although this is a great time to learn more about upcoming Apple products and to gear up for product releases along with arming yourself with geeky information about said products, there is a downside.  The downside is the onslaught of news releases.  I personally subscribe to about 45 RSS feeds from various websites.  About 66% of those are Mac related websites.  To me, this means that if I don’t keep up on the news during the day, I’ll easily have about 1,000 news updates by the end of the day.

I love Apple, I really do.  But I don’t know how many times everyone needs to see the exact same story or miniscule product update get blogged about 20,000 times, let alone get it’s own blog post.

Regardless of the information overload, tomorrow is going to be an interesting day and will almost definitely over-shadow this weekend’s launch of the Palm Pre.  Which, by the way, the most interesting story I saw about it so far was the woman who drove her car INTO a Sprint store on Friday.  Definitely a must-see article.

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