Sparky Lounging

Recently Sparky has decided that he doesn’t really want to come in after we take him out sometimes.  So, what’s the easiest way to rebel against your parents?  By not doing anything of course!

Sparky now tends to just go outside like normal and do his ‘business’ but will occasionally just lay down in the front yard and stare at you as if saying ‘What, you want me to go inside?’

I did what any responsible dog owner would do.  I let him off of his leash, went inside and grabbed my camera and had a mini photo session.  The pic to the right along with the one above are the best although there were about 20 more pictures taken.

He’s quite the photogenic dog, Sparky is.

Independence Day, 2011

© Flickr user Cynthia.Lou

© Flickr user Cynthia.Lou

This year marks the first 4th of July for Sparky with us.  The past few years we would go watch fireworks either by Purdue West or drive to the top of one of the campus parking garages.  This year however we decided to just stay at home.  If we wanted to watch the fireworks, we could easily just look out our backdoor and probably see more than enough.

On Sunday night we started to notice a problem though.  When we were outside walking Sparky, he suddenly heard a firework and got very scared.  He tried to get back to the house as quickly as possible and I had to run after him to keep up.

Last night this got much worse once the fireworks started.  From about 6pm on he refused to ‘do’ anything when we did get him outside.  At one point, I had to pick him up and carry him outside at which point he just would get as close to me as possible while shaking uncontrollably.

This morning he was leery to go outside, but was OK once I started walking him.  Needless to say, fireworks are not something that Sparky is fond of.

Save The Baby Birdie

This past weekend, Justin and I were going for a walk with Sparky and we found the above little baby bird.  (S)he had fallen out of the nest and was wandering around unable to get back in.  Their nest was in a support beam for two mailboxes a few houses down from ours.  The baby was jumping/flying into the road and we were afraid it would get run-over, so we shoo’ed it back towards the mailboxes.

After quickly going home and finding a box to wrangle the baby into, we were able to get it back into its nest although it was screeching pretty loudly the entire time.  We’ve checked back several times since and the family is still all happily together.

Molly & Sparky

We have now had Sparky since early September, 2010 and although Sparky and Molly aren’t “best buddies”, they are getting along better.  Some items which have helped this be easier for both of them are:

  • Sparky-gates have been put up to the kitchen, laundry room and master bedroom creating “safe” areas for Molly.
  • Periodically, we get Molly and Sparky together in one area so they can… work through their differences.  (See the image above)
  • Molly gets the entire bedroom to herself and sleeps by my head at night while Sparky sleeps in his cage nightly.
  • Sparky is finally growing out of his puppy stage and although still very hyper and full of energy, he’s learned to sit, shake, lay down and roll over.
  • Sparky doesn’t try to smell Molly as often anymore and mostly will just ignore her.

While we’ve got a long way to go until they’re bestest friends, they’re certainly much better than when Sparky first came home with us.

Sparky Ate My Aveeno


Tonight Justin and I just weren’t wanting to be productive so we went in the living room and played Little Big Planet on the PS3. After a while Sparky went into his cage and looked like he was chewing on a rawhide. After we were done I looked again and he actually had a sample of Aveeno from my dermatologist and a half eaten Halls. The above is what the bottle should look like versus what Sparky did to it. He also ate three Halls cough drops.

My dermatologist probably thought I was joking when I asked for more samples because Sparky had eaten the previous ones but alas I was not.