Purdue 5k

Me in front of my pondWell, guess I shouldn’t make statements on when I’ll post next.  Obviously I don’t follow through on them.  Moving on, much has happened since my last post.

  1. I moved to a much nicer place.  I used to live in a small 550 square foot apartment but now I live in a 1200 square foot three-bedroom duplex.  I now have an office of my own.  Justin has our master bedroom as his office (it’s quite large).  We’ve also got a spare bedroom for when family comes over.  Full kitchen (yay to no more meals cooked on an oven that’s half the size of a normal one).  Also, our property looks out on a nice pond with a track around it.  I just took the picture of me to the right on my patio.  Which bring me to number 2.
  2. I’ve been back into running.  I started back up on February 4 and have been going strong on a new Nike+ coaching program.  It’s actually the same one I was doing before but on Intermediate 1 level instead of Beginner.  Except for one run that I ran at the gym, I’ve run everything around the pond outside my house.  It was actually kind of fun running through the snow.  It created a nice challenge from the normal runs.  I’m very glad that the weather improved however – today’s run especially was my best yet.  I’ve got better at pushing myself and have been able to bring my personal-best mile down to 7:41.  My last three runs have all been better than the one before it.  I’ve also resumed loosing weight.  I’ll try to post a separate update on that tomorrow though.
  3. Justin and I went to San Francisco in late January.  He was attending a conference and I tagged along for a vacation.  After he did his presentation at the conference, we spent a few days together going around the city.  The weather there was better than in Indiana.  It was a pretty nice break.  Pictures of the vacation are here, here and here.
  4. A few weeks ago I finally went and signed up for the Purdue 5k Challenge.  It’s my first real run/walk event and I’m pretty excited about it.  Will I beat everyone there?  Not by a long shot.  Will I do great?  Absolutely.  As stated in item 2, I’ve only gotten better recently.  The best part is that the run actually happens to fall on a day during my Nike+ coaching program when I’m not running.  So I’ll be ready for a nice short (relatively) run.  The race is a benefit for the Purdue Cancer  for Center Research.  More information is on the Purdue Challenge website.

I’ve also made a few mystery purchases recently but I’ll be saving those for another post once I’ve got everything completed.

Running from the weight

Weight Loss since end of October As I posted a few weeks ago, I have been actively using Nike+ and have seen real results from sticking with that program.  Well, here are those results.  The chart to the left is my progress.  Every Sunday morning I weigh myself on the same scale at the same time of the day to have a good comparison.  As of this morning I weighed in at a nice 182 lbs.  I hadn’t been tracking my weight since I restarted the running, but so far I’ve lost about 20 lbs.  While I am beyond happy with these results, it is pushing me to just keep going and see how much better I can make my body.

While looking around the Nike+ website tonight, I saw that I can create a “Mini” which is a character version of myself that will help motivate me.  As I continue running, so does the little guy.  As I have run more, I thought it proper to visualize that here so I’ve edited my header to have that Mini as well.

Real results with Nike+

Nike+ Hardware

Nike+ Hardware - Picture © Apple Inc.

Many months ago I started working out. Needless to say, it didn’t really work out that good.  I had originally tried working out by doing all the weights and using the treadmill and biking machines.  It was nice for a short time and all, but I very quickly lost the enthusiasm to keep up with it.  I then purchased the iPhone fitness app iFitness to try and get me back but ended up never going back to workout again.

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