Chicago Half Marathon

Yesterday I ran the Chicago Half Marathon.  While I am happy that I was able to run it and it was certainly an amazing experience, I didn’t end up getting the time that I wanted and although it’s only my second half marathon, it’s also my last.

I ended with a time of 2:09:07, which was more than my time for my last half marathon, but not bad given that the weather was about 15ºF hotter than I was expecting.  Having ran this half marathon, it did allow me to confirm that I’m going to focus on improving my times for the shorter 5k runs instead of going between those and endurance training for half marathons.  I will do better than ever next year during the Purdue 5K Challenge and beyond!

Thanks Justin, Mom and Dad for coming to support me during the race!

My First Half-Marathon

My first half-marathon took place in October of last year.  Needless to say, this post is a little bit dated!

The race occurred on October 24th, 2010 in Flora, Indiana.  While the original location was supposed to be in Lafayette and West Lafayette, there was a long drawn-out series of events which prevented that from happening.  Needless to say, I won’t be going into that in this post.

After arriving at the town with my family (Justin, Mom, Dad, Corey, Danielle and Zach all came along), we found a parking spot.  As this was supposed to be a fairly sized event but was moved to a very small town, parking really wasn’t very good.  I immediately got into the potty lines, after which it was pretty much time to start the race.  As was expected, it wasn’t really very clear where the line was or if there was going to be sections based on the pace that you expected to keep.  A normal race will have pace sections so that the faster-paced people are in the front – to avoid congestion.

All-in-all, the race wasn’t really too bad.  As it was just a small town, some of the roads could have been better, but there weren’t really any potholes to trip on.  The worst part was at one point when a dog started to chase people and another when we were running past on-coming cars.  I was under the impression that it was supposed to be a close-course.

In the end, I finished the race while beating my goal of completion in under two hours with a final time of 1:55:43.  I would have done better, but I hadn’t really trained for the event as good as I should have.  As such, I actually stopped and had to walk a few times during the last few miles.

Will I run this event again?  Probably not.  The hassle the runners had to go through along with the general organization of the event was quite disappointing.  However, I’m not letting this discourage me from running in other events.  I’m currently registered to run in the 2011 Purdue Challenge 5K along with the 2011 Chicago Half Marathon which both will be great events!

Funny tree that Justin found while I was runningMe at mid-run.  This was at about mile 5 or 6Zach fell asleep while everyone walked during the runCrossing the finish line

Another Day, Another Run

Well, I just finished another run around the subdivision. This one was seven miles long. I was able to keep my average pace for the entire run under eight minutes but didn’t beat my best mile yet. Tough to get below 6:55!

Looking back at today there have been some other pretty cool running-related items that have happened.

A coworker looked at the results of the 5K and found that another person from my department had run in the race. I contacted him to confirm and he had seen me but then lost me in the swarm of people. He finished the race in 29th place, easily beating my time.  He is a great guy in the department, always nice and easy to talk to.  He’s also going to run a full-marathon in about two weeks, which I hope he does great at.  He gave me some information on a few other races which brings me to my next point.

I’m going to sign up for a race in October which will be here in Lafayette.  It will be a half-marathon (13.1 miles).  It’ll be exciting because it’ll be a nice long race yet will be pretty close to home and I won’t have to go drive a long distance to get to it.

Also, about a month before that half-marathon, I’m going to sign up for another that will be in Indianapolis!  This will be my first half-marathon done professionally and even though I’ve yet to sign up for it, I’m already pumped and can’t wait.