Chicago Half Marathon

Yesterday I ran the Chicago Half Marathon.  While I am happy that I was able to run it and it was certainly an amazing experience, I didn’t end up getting the time that I wanted and although it’s only my second half marathon, it’s also my last.

I ended with a time of 2:09:07, which was more than my time for my last half marathon, but not bad given that the weather was about 15ºF hotter than I was expecting.  Having ran this half marathon, it did allow me to confirm that I’m going to focus on improving my times for the shorter 5k runs instead of going between those and endurance training for half marathons.  I will do better than ever next year during the Purdue 5K Challenge and beyond!

Thanks Justin, Mom and Dad for coming to support me during the race!

Leaving Tomorrow

United Airlines Terminal at O'Hare

United Airlines Terminal at O'Hare

Well, tomorrow we’ll be leaving for China.  We’re going to be leaving Michigan City at 5:20 AM and then leaving O’Hare airport in Chicago at 12:33 PM.  We will arrive in Beijing at 4:25 PM on the 26th.  Due to the time difference, it’s currently (as of the writing of this post) 12:06PM on the 25th of December.

Once we get to Beijing the first thing to do is to quickly call Mom and Dad and let them know that we’ve landed safely.  Then we’ll be taking a bus from the airport to our hotel.  Then check-in and settle down and everything.  There should be free Internet there – if not, I guess that we’ll have to go to Peking University and beg for internet or something.  🙂

I’ll update again once we get there.