Personal Gym

Over the past month or so, Justin and I have worked to build up our own personal mini-gym.  While it’s not much, it’s enough to get us in a schedule to improve ourselves and our health.

We now have a basic weight bench with 80 lbs of weight, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 lb dumbbells, workout mats, bikes and running gear.  Every Monday/Thursday we do weights, Tuesday, Friday basic cardio and Wednesday, Saturday either a 3 mile run or a 5+ mile bike-ride.

Our weight-lifting is by-far the most difficult and pushes us the most I think, but the results will be worth it once we start to see them.  On a side-note, do you know how expensive good dumbbells can be?!

Ce Soir, Nous Allons À Wal-Mart

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Ce soir mon mari et moi nous sommes allé à Wal-Mart en notre velos.

Well, I was going to try to write more about tonight in French, but it’s too difficult with my current vocabulary set and also because I mainly only know the present-tense of the verbs that I do know.  Know how to say “Can you ride a bike?” in French?  It’s “Sais-tu faire du velo?” which literally translates into “Know you to ride of the bike?”.  Yeah…

So, we decided to go on a bike-ride tonight as we were both not really wanting to run.  However, we ended up biking to Celery Bog according to plan, then we went past the barriers on Lindberg and rode next to where they are building the new Lindberg road.  It looks like they’re possibly going to build the pedestrian portion next to the new Lindberg – probably not have it elevated as the road itself will be.  We then drove through the golf course some, cut through some trees and an apartment complex, rode next to US 52, went into the Wal-Mart parking lot by shipping/receiving in the back and went back to Celery Bog via the back-route.  In the end, our bike-ride lasted about 7 miles or so.

The Day I Went Flying

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On August 27th, I had a pretty bad day.  I was riding my bike to work like the weeks before and was about one block from work.  When I was close to the last intersection that I had to pass, the pedestrian light was on.  It had started to blink that there was only twenty seconds left, but I still had plenty of time left.  However, I saw a car that wasn’t going to stop and in a split-second decision, I put the brakes on my bike.  Unfortunately for me, I used the front brakes instead of the back.  Even worse,  I had just tightened the brakes a few days earlier so they were super sensitive.  As such, when I slammed on the brakes, they were very effective!

As any science student who knows the basic laws set by Newton, although the front wheel of the bike may have suddenly stopped, there’s nothing to stop the rest of the bike or me from continuing to move forward.  As such, I continued moving forward and slid across the sidewalk on my arm and the bike flipped over me.  I later found out that my Macbook Pro had a fun meeting with the sidewalk as well.  The driver of the car stopped after they turned the corner, but with what had happened I’m not really sure what they did.  I think they saw me get up and just continued on.  Only one person actually even asked if I was OK.

I walked my bike the rest of the way to work and as I was walking up the stairs to my office the pain and reality of what happened started to hit and came out pretty strongly.  My coworkers were very sympathetic to what had happened and were very kind in helping me to try to patch up my arm (it was almost dripping blood on the floor).  Jaime, an administrative assistant, brought up a first aid kit and helped to get the wound under control.  Despite many people volunteering to take me home for the rest of the day, I ended up finishing out the work day and tried to use work as a distraction from the pain.

Well, it’s now been almost three weeks since the incident and although the physical damage to my Macbook Pro is still very much visible, my arm has healed up nicely!

Goals: Status – Week One

Well, it’s been one week and how have I been doing? Well, when I started last week I was at 206lbs according to my scale and according to the specific way I weigh myself – sans anything that would skew the results.

Last Monday I weighed 206lbs. Today I weigh 201 lbs. Well, 5 in one week – not bad. Here’s how I was able to accomplish that in just one week.

Monday: Biked 10 miles
Tuesday: Walked 5 miles
Wednesday: Biked 10 miles
Thursday: Nothing
Friday: Nothing
Saturday: Nothing
Sunday: Nothing

Now that just doesn’t make sense. Ok, 25 miles is good for me but that could definitely not have caused that much weight loss. What helped was that Friday night I got really sick with the flu. Usually the flu only lasts for one, maybe two, days but I actually had to take a sick day today from work because of it. I am feeling better right now so hopefully will feel great for tomorrow.

Anyway, here’s a re-cap. To have great weight-loss results, work out and get the flu! 🙂