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  • Apple “Legal Copy” Ad

    Today, Apple released four new Mac ads. The one that I found the most amusing was one titled “Legal Copy.”  It begins with the text at the bottom of the picture to the left.  The premise of the Ad is to show how although a PC can be easy to use, that there are some […]

  • Apple Store is down for updates!

    The Apple Store is down for updates.  However, this post is not about that.  This post is about the people who think such a trivial event needs to be blogged about and that people need updates every five minutes – all filled with speculation over what mildly interesting product that Apple has decided to introduce […]

  • iPhone 3G – two weeks later

    So, it’s been two weeks (ok, two and a half weeks) since I got my iPhone 3G. So far the experience has been amazing. The device itself is extremely easy to use. Everything just makes sense on it and requires very little effort to understand what is going on. I haven’t actually purchased a single […]