Category: Software

  • Home Assistant and WAN tracking

    It looks like I was not able to make good on my promise to more frequently post content I find interesting, as it has been almost two years since the last post and almost five since any actual content was posted! However, today I would like to come back and start talking about home automation. […]

  • Raspberry Pi (2011) model B as Unifi Controller

    I have setup new networking equipment to provide a large upgrade to my home network. One component that was required was a small server to manage the access point, a Unifi AP AC Pro. One option is to purchase a small device from Ubiquiti called a Cloud Key that has the management software pre-loaded. Another option […]

  •  Linux Authentication Testing 

    I am coming out of a very long hiatus of posting to my site to start posting content I feel is interesting. You, however, may be put to sleep by it! Today we are going to take a look at how to test various Linux authentication methods. As an example, let’s assume we have an […]

  • Comcast, Alternative DNS and CDNs

    Recently I started noticing problems with our Comcast service that although speed tests were very speedy, as were certain downloads – primarily torrents of Linux distributions, other content downloads were pathetically slow.  These would include items such as iTunes downloads, streaming content and the like.  It wasn’t until I switched my router from using Google […]

  • AMP Stack on Mountain Lion

    Last night I started getting back into coding but have since switched how I develop.  All my code is now (finally) in a local Git repository which is fantastic, but the next step was to get a local server running so I could actually see the results of my work. In the past, I’ve used […]