Purdue Relay for Life


Last night Justin and I participated in the 2012 Relay for Life held at the Purdue Armory. Justin went to man a booth through his fellowship and was selling cupcakes and gave supplies for people to make cards for children at Riley’s hospital. I went to walk the relay and enjoy the activities.

Justin and I were there for about three hours, two of which I walked. According to my readings that it takes 1 minute 46.1 seconds for one lap and each lap is 0.07 miles. So, that works out to about 5.75 miles of walking last night. Not a bad little workout.



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Chicago Half Marathon

Yesterday I ran the Chicago Half Marathon.  While I am happy that I was able to run it and it was certainly an amazing experience, I didn’t end up getting the time that I wanted and although it’s only my second half marathon, it’s also my last.

I ended with a time of 2:09:07, which was more than my time for my last half marathon, but not bad given that the weather was about 15ºF hotter than I was expecting.  Having ran this half marathon, it did allow me to confirm that I’m going to focus on improving my times for the shorter 5k runs instead of going between those and endurance training for half marathons.  I will do better than ever next year during the Purdue 5K Challenge and beyond!

Thanks Justin, Mom and Dad for coming to support me during the race!

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Au revoir, Isotretinoin

Isotretinoin, how you’ve changed me these last seven months. You’ve vastly improved my acne while drying me out to where if I don’t clean my face every few hours and re-moisturize I start to look like the desert floor.

This morning was my last Isotretinoin pill. While I can’t wait for my natural oils to start to come back to tame the massive dryness, I’m happy with the results that have occurred during my treatment. I now await my follow-up appointment at the end of September to start to get on a long-term regiment.

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Sparky: A Week Later

It’s been one week since Sparky’s biopsy and it’s been quite the week, sadly not for the best reasons.

Late Monday we got a call from Dr. Corriveau of the Purdue Small Animal Hospital with the results of his biopsy.  Unfortunately Sparky was diagnosed with squamous-cell carcinoma.  While the best course of action is to get into surgery to remove it, this requires very expensive imaging to determine if the cancer has spread and to determine the margin of the cancer.  After that would be the surgery which would be even more expensive.  It would most likely require removing a few teeth as well.  Taking into consideration the huge cost which isn’t feasible at this time along with how we feel his quality-of-life would be degraded, we opted for the next-best possibility.  We started Sparky on chemotherapy.

Yesterday was his first dose of Piroxicam.  It’s typically used for somewhat different areas of cancer but is promising.  The best we can hope for is that it will maintain the current cancer and not allow it to grow.  In a few weeks we will go back for another check-up.

Here’s hoping that our good boy, Sparky, gets through this successfully.  He’s a great dog and it’s hard to even think about him having cancer.

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Running From the Heat

This morning I ran a 5 mile run.  I have a half-marathon coming up in the middle of September and need to be running more especially in the morning.  This is especially important given the recent crazy heat Indiana and much of the midwest has been seeing.  Today’s temperature hit the low 90’s with a heat-index of over 100ºF.  So, I made a point of going to sleep earlier last night so I could run this morning.

Despite getting up around 5:45 and starting my run just after 6am, the weather was still crazy-hot for so early in the morning.  I was OK with my overall pace given the heat, but it certainly wasn’t what I was aiming for (under 8min/mile).  I’m trying to lengthen my runs while obtaining an overall pace of 7:30/mile.