Full Moon

Tonight just before work ended Jaime asked if Justin and I had any plans for dinner and asked if we wanted to go to Sharma’s Kitchen with her as Jeremy (her husband) was working late. We thought it sounded better than leftovers so we all went together. After several plateful of Indian food later and some good discussion on Chinese culture, history and religion in general, we headed home. On the way home Jaime noticed the harvest full moon just coming up. It was quite beautiful.

Since it was pretty early in the night I decided to try to get some good photos of it with my Canon EOS Rebel T1i. My first attempts were OK, but yielded fairly blurry shots. The issue was that I was using the tripod but zooming into something that far away while touching the camera makes the camera shake a lot when attempting to use the auto-focus. After some quick research online for settings that others had used with their great photos at a similar focal length. I then went out front with my tripod, camera, laptop and a long mini usb cable.

My next attempt used tethering. This is where you hook the camera up to the computer and use software to control the camera which lets you not touch the camera at all – reducing the shaking considerably. After some tinkering, I ended up taking the photo below.  Not too shabby if I may say so myself!  Note that the image below is only using optical zoom.  Digital zoom (which looses resolution, producing blurry photos) was not used and the image was not stretched or enhanced in any way.  It was simply cropped.

f number: 5.6exposure: 1/350focal length: 250mmISO: 100

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