Well, it’s time to make some goals.

I know I don’t actually post much of anything to here, or anywhere for that matter, but oh well.

I’ve got a few goals that I am going to strive to achieve.

1. Loose weight. I weigh more than I want to so I’m biking more often and am going to be working out now.
2. Get healthier. This ties into the first goal, but generally, I eat a lot of junk food. I’ve lately been eating better food and I’ve been feeling better as a result. Go figure!
3. Get Certified. First up is A+. I’ve been very slowly working on this one for several months now and it’s time to kick it into gear. I’m hoping to work on this one about two hours a night for a nice steady pace.

More details should follow soon, but wanted to just get that going first.

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