Why Can’t I Get Married?

simpsons_gay_marriage.jpgObviously, the topic of this post is going to be about… uh oh – gay marriage! This is a topic that annoyed me before, but is really ticking me off now that I’m in a serious relationship with a guy I really love. I would like nothing more than to someday get married to him, but hey – why do I have to move to Massachusetts to do that?

I have several points that will be discussed in this post each of which can easily get me going onto a fairly large rant. Let’s get started shall we?

To begin, there are some (conservatives, Fox News, highly religious people) who just love to think that because I’m gay and like guys, that I want to just go out and be with any guy. They also tend to believe that because I love a man instead of a woman, that I’m going to go burn in Hell and all that crap. Get over your self-righteousness you morons. I am a human. I, like any other man on Earth, have someone that I truly love and would want to spend the rest of my life with. There really is no justification for why I can’t get married – at least not any sane reason. Oh – by the way – when I say “marriage”, I don’t mean anything less. I don’t believe in any of the other things that have even some of the rights that are granted by marriage such as civil unions. Anything less than marriage is an insult.

Some think that two gay people getting married is against the sacred union which was typically described as a man and a woman being joined in holy matrimony. Hmm. Interesting, but I’ve got a few problems with that. Next I’ll describe those problems which I will break up into two main categories: Vegas and Celebrities.

Las Vegas. Sin City. Never been, but I’ve wanted to go and hopefully, someday will. Despite all the gambling, which I am not into, it really is a great town. Almost endless entertainment and supposedly the food is really pretty good. Another thing that’s really pretty popular in Vegas is the speed and quickness in which two people can get married. You know what else is funny? Two people, who probably could be totally drunk who had just met seconds earlier, can get married there! The part about that that I find the most interesting is that these people probably love each other as much as you love that spider that you killed last week.

Wow – celebrities. I mean, what can I really say that the mainstream media doesn’t constantly point out? Celebrities alone pretty much destroy all that is truly “sacred” about marriage. They are married one week and divorced the next, it seems. If any group of people should be denied the ability to marry, it is most celebrities.

To continue on the thread of the celebrities and their high divorce rate, I’ll generalize about the rest of America. My parents have been married for 25 years this year. I am very happy with them and am glad that they’re together. They’re still a happy couple and have two good kids – me and my brother. My brother is doing pretty good for himself too. This is actually pretty rare. I’m not sure of the exact statistics, but last I heard, about half the marriages in America end in divorce. Wow. With numbers like that, how sacred is marriage anymore really?

So, celebrities get re-married every other week, people who barely know each other can get married on a whim, but I am not allowed to get married to the guy I love? Hmm – that doesn’t really make any sense. I really hope that things do change. There is no real reason why I can’t get married even though I’m gay. It just doesn’t make any sense. I used to believe that it wasn’t possible but am not in the mindset that it will happen – just the right people have to be in office and have the political power to make it a reality. There are millions and millions of gays in the United States alone. The fact that we are being discriminated against in this fashion really is sad. The United States of America is the land of the free. That is, unless you are gay.

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