None of the content, all of the hype

  • Cruise Night

    Last night was Cruise Night here in Mayfield Village, OH. The night was filled with local food, live bands, and vintage cars. The second band below was my favorite. They were doing very good covers of great music from the 50’s and 60’s! Enjoy the below set of pictures from the evening! Looking forward to…

  • Crazy Hair

    About a month ago when Jaime was here she straightened my hair just to show me what it would look like. I liked the look although Justin thought my hair looked girly. Last week, the hair straightener I bought arrived from Amazon. Today, I started off with hair that looked like this. I didn’t use…

  • U 2

    U 2, Mom and Dad. 🙂

  • Office mates

    As of the beginning of February, we have moved! Justin has started a new role while I get to continue to work for Purdue, albeit remotely. My new office is pretty nice, but the new office mates sure are lazy! Sparky and Bob sure do like to lounge around a lot!

  • The last morning

    A picture of our last morning in West Lafayette before we are off to the new chapter of our life!