Isotretinoin – Week 4

This post is a bit late and I see that I skipped last week’s post as well.  However, better late than never.

My treatment with Isotretinoin is progressing.  In the last few weeks I’ve gotten old-people hands as I’ve affectionately referred to them.  Effectively this means that my hands are quite dry and get cut pretty easily.  In the last few days the easy-cutting has lessened somewhat, but the dryness is just as bad.  Tonight when I applied hand cream my hands actually burned for about 10-20 minutes until that feeling finally diminished some.

My face was very  flakey but thankfully that isn’t as bad in the past week.  I do apply moisturizer though when needed.  I can tell that my back is getting better but that it will definitely be the last thing to truly have real results shown.

I feel that I’m more tired than I used to so in my last round of blood work I had a few more tests ran and I’ll be finding out the results tomorrow when I go back to see my dermatologist.

I am taking the opportunity though to try something that I’d normally not be able to try.  Typically my oily skin makes me want to have my hair cut short (a number 3 trimmer guard if that means anything to you).  However, since I really am not producing oil anymore, I’m taking the opportunity to try to grow my hair out longer.  I most likely won’t like it and will want to get rid of it ASAP, but I’d like to see what’s possible.  Now, how do I manage my hair while it’s on that journey?  I have no clue whatsoever!  🙂

Skin Changes

Today was my sixteenth dosage of isotretinoin. I can clearly see the changes that are already happening. As I am sure others can as well.

For one, my face is considerably drier. It no longer is oily as the sebaceous glands are starting to shutdown. I need to apply moisturizer several times a day to counteract the heavy flaking that I am having.

Also, my lips are much drier. As I previously posted, I normally never need chapstick but am applying it more and more now.

I have not noticed much difference on my back which is the worst part and what is really bring targeted. I have however begun to notice my arms becoming quite thin where the worst acne is. This is causing the areas to release quite easily and also stand out heavily.

Hopefully the effects hit my back soon as much as they’ve hit everywhere else…