Goals: Status – Week One

Well, it’s been one week and how have I been doing? Well, when I started last week I was at 206lbs according to my scale and according to the specific way I weigh myself – sans anything that would skew the results.

Last Monday I weighed 206lbs. Today I weigh 201 lbs. Well, 5 in one week – not bad. Here’s how I was able to accomplish that in just one week.

Monday: Biked 10 miles
Tuesday: Walked 5 miles
Wednesday: Biked 10 miles
Thursday: Nothing
Friday: Nothing
Saturday: Nothing
Sunday: Nothing

Now that just doesn’t make sense. Ok, 25 miles is good for me but that could definitely not have caused that much weight loss. What helped was that Friday night I got really sick with the flu. Usually the flu only lasts for one, maybe two, days but I actually had to take a sick day today from work because of it. I am feeling better right now so hopefully will feel great for tomorrow.

Anyway, here’s a re-cap. To have great weight-loss results, work out and get the flu! 🙂