Sparky Ate Christmas

Over Christmas this past December, we had taken Sparky along with our Canon DSLR EOS Rebel T1i camera and took a number of pictures of various things during the holiday.

The following week, I had taken vacation time to get caught up at home and on one of the days decided to download the pictures from the card.  I usually just take the SDHC card from the camera and plug it directly into my Mac and then download the photos directly into Aperture.  This time, I took the card out and put it on the coffee table and went to get my Macbook.  However, when I got back to the living room Sparky had the card in his mouth and I heard a crunch!  I was able to pull the card from his mouth, but it was way too late already.  After taking the casing apart, it was very clear that he had destroyed both of the memory chips, thereby destroying the card and any chance of recovering the pictures.  For me, the pictures were bad to lose, but I was much more worried about the card itself.  This was a 32GB SDHC memory card.  It was only class 4, but still – not cheap.

For the past few weeks I’ve hobbled along on a small little 1GB SD card but last week I found a great deal for a 8GB class 10 SDHC memory card.  I haven’t had any time to play around with the card yet, but it will handle a better 1,200 photos versus the 140 I could cram on the 1GB – better given how many I’m known to take in a full day of shooting.  This card will be quite nice as well for high-speed shooting along with video capture.