Happy Birthday to me

Well, I’m a week late on my birthday post, but whatever.  Last Wednesday (June 9), was my 26th birthday.

Justin and I celebrated pretty simply – we went to dinner at Red Lobster and then went home.  Sounds like a good day to me.

Some other items that have happened recently:

  • This week I passed my 600th mile running with Nike+
  • Last Monday (the 7th), I ran my second half-marathon test run.  Unfortunately, it was three minutes longer than my last attempt at 1:51:17.  Not horrible, but not good in my opinion.  The very hot weather recently is definitely effecting my running ability.
  • I have now dropped to 168 lbs.  This means that I have passed the 40 lb mark on weight loss!  This is very exciting for me as I haven’t weighed that in a very long time.  And how did I do it?  By just running 600 miles over 9 months and eating better.
  • I installed the GM build of iOS4 to my iPhone 3GS.  It’s been pretty nice so far since I’ve had it for about a week.  I have consolidated all my installed apps into folders squished on one page.  The multi-tasking is very intuitive and I’ve found it very useful.
  • This Tuesday I pre-ordered the iPhone 4 from AT&T.  That was a massive mess thanks to AT&Ts incompetence at being able to handle the huge number of people who attempted to pre-order.  My order wasn’t put in until Wednesday morning so we’ll see when I actually get the phone.  Can’t wait though.
  • This weekend there is a baby shower for my Corey and Danielle and Zach.  Zach is doing great and it’ll be great to see him again.  Also this weekend is a Mother’s Day/Father’s Day/Keith Birthday party with the family.

I think that covers everything.  Not going to make promises on when I’ll post next as I am bad at keeping them, but hopefully sometime soon.