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The last morning

A picture of our last morning in West Lafayette before we are off to the new chapter of our life!



Molly: 1995-04-12 to 2013-01-18

IMG_3517This post is one which I’ve been avoiding for a while now.  On January 18th, 2013 at 8 AM, Molly passed away.  She would have turned 18 on April 12th.  She passed very peacefully and with Justin and me by her side.

Molly has been with me and my family since she was a tiny kitten.  She was abandoned by her Mom in order garage at the first house I ever lived at in April of 1995.  In 1996 we moved to a new house about 1/2 a mile down the road and she seemed more attached to me than anyone else.  In 2008 when I moved to West Lafayette, Molly came with me to live with us at Purdue Village.  In 2010 we moved to Lindberg Village.  While she never really liked Sparky, there were moments when she would tolerate him enough for them to be near each other.

Molly always would sleep with us, either by our heads or on our stomachs.  She was always there for comfort and warmth.  It’s hard sometimes because we will see something that will remind her of us and, at least for me, I’ll think she’s there for a second until I realize she’s gone.  Pretty soon we will be moving on to a new house we have purchased.  It will be difficult because this is the first place I’ve lived where Molly hasn’t lived with me as well.  It will be hard to leave behind the last place she was, but we will always have memories with her and many pictures to remind ourselves of the impact she made on our lives.

Farewell Molly, we will miss you greatly.


Purdue 5k

Me in front of my pondWell, guess I shouldn’t make statements on when I’ll post next.  Obviously I don’t follow through on them.  Moving on, much has happened since my last post.

  1. I moved to a much nicer place.  I used to live in a small 550 square foot apartment but now I live in a 1200 square foot three-bedroom duplex.  I now have an office of my own.  Justin has our master bedroom as his office (it’s quite large).  We’ve also got a spare bedroom for when family comes over.  Full kitchen (yay to no more meals cooked on an oven that’s half the size of a normal one).  Also, our property looks out on a nice pond with a track around it.  I just took the picture of me to the right on my patio.  Which bring me to number 2.
  2. I’ve been back into running.  I started back up on February 4 and have been going strong on a new Nike+ coaching program.  It’s actually the same one I was doing before but on Intermediate 1 level instead of Beginner.  Except for one run that I ran at the gym, I’ve run everything around the pond outside my house.  It was actually kind of fun running through the snow.  It created a nice challenge from the normal runs.  I’m very glad that the weather improved however – today’s run especially was my best yet.  I’ve got better at pushing myself and have been able to bring my personal-best mile down to 7:41.  My last three runs have all been better than the one before it.  I’ve also resumed loosing weight.  I’ll try to post a separate update on that tomorrow though.
  3. Justin and I went to San Francisco in late January.  He was attending a conference and I tagged along for a vacation.  After he did his presentation at the conference, we spent a few days together going around the city.  The weather there was better than in Indiana.  It was a pretty nice break.  Pictures of the vacation are here, here and here.
  4. A few weeks ago I finally went and signed up for the Purdue 5k Challenge.  It’s my first real run/walk event and I’m pretty excited about it.  Will I beat everyone there?  Not by a long shot.  Will I do great?  Absolutely.  As stated in item 2, I’ve only gotten better recently.  The best part is that the run actually happens to fall on a day during my Nike+ coaching program when I’m not running.  So I’ll be ready for a nice short (relatively) run.  The race is a benefit for the Purdue Cancer  for Center Research.  More information is on the Purdue Challenge website.

I’ve also made a few mystery purchases recently but I’ll be saving those for another post once I’ve got everything completed.