Molly & Sparky

We have now had Sparky since early September, 2010 and although Sparky and Molly aren’t “best buddies”, they are getting along better.  Some items which have helped this be easier for both of them are:

  • Sparky-gates have been put up to the kitchen, laundry room and master bedroom creating “safe” areas for Molly.
  • Periodically, we get Molly and Sparky together in one area so they can… work through their differences.  (See the image above)
  • Molly gets the entire bedroom to herself and sleeps by my head at night while Sparky sleeps in his cage nightly.
  • Sparky is finally growing out of his puppy stage and although still very hyper and full of energy, he’s learned to sit, shake, lay down and roll over.
  • Sparky doesn’t try to smell Molly as often anymore and mostly will just ignore her.

While we’ve got a long way to go until they’re bestest friends, they’re certainly much better than when Sparky first came home with us.