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Welcome back

Welcome back to It has been over three years since my last post and a considerable amount has changed in my life.

We’ve moved to Washington state and I’ve changed jobs twice – moving from Purdue to Amazon Web Services and then over to Oracle where I am very happy!

Our daughter has grown considerably and is now our “pink princess” as she likes to say! More about her on her site –

I recently switched hosting providers and am rebooting this site as well. When I first started in 2004, I was hosted with IXWebHosting. A few years ago they transferred all customer data to It worked OK, but I’m now very happily hosted by – the same company which I have transferred all my domains to.

Along with the new hosting provider comes a new desire to write more technical content for this site. Coming up soon will be a post about my home automation and related Docker setup. Other articles are in the works as well!

Until then…


How to Un-Kill a Mimosa Plant

We had been having a problem with a plant we had bought for the house. The mimosa pudica we had purchased was doing well but had started to die fairly quickly. After trying to keep it watered properly I finally noticed it was stretching one of its leaves to catch some sun from our back door.

Last week I put it by the windows on the back side of the house and let it have full afternoon sun. That has made a dramatic difference as the following pic shows. I have to keep rotating the plant so it grows evenly, but it’s thriving quite well now!