Hair Today

This past Sunday, I finally got a haircut.  The last haircut I got was in late December of 2010.  Since that time I’ve simply been letting it grow and grow and grow.  Although I have really gotten used to having the longer hair, it was really just too thick with the summer heat.

While it doesn’t really look shorter, it was thinned out a lot and feels a lot lighter now.  I had gone to Sport Clips per Justin’s suggestion since he had a free haircut before through them.  Although I couldn’t care less about the sports shows on the TVs, I did really enjoy the shampoo, mini-neck massage, conditioner and just overall experience.  Definitely was worth the extra money.  I told the woman who cut my hair that I haven’t had anyone wash/shampoo it for me since I was a kid and we used to get our haircut at a little local shop.  Justin pointed out later that I did actually get that done when we went to China, which they indeed did do.