Signorile Interview with Sen. Forrester

Watch the video above to see a great interview from Sirius XM radio host Michelangelo Signorile interviewing North Carolina GOP State Sen. James Forrester.

It’s a great interview where Signorile brings calm reasoning to a State Senator who can’t answer simple questions and bring horrible bias and extremely bad incorrect “facts” to introduce legislation to ban same-sex marriage.

Gay marriage across the states

Gay marriage is an issue which is coming up in several states right now.  Let’s briefly talk about two of those states.

First, we’ll start with Iowa.  Iowa legalized gay marriage on April 9, 2009 through their Supreme Court by a (I believe) unanimous decision.  It was a shocker to many because so far, it has only been the New England states which have acknowledged that I’m actually a human being who deserves the rights given to every other person in the country.  However, not long after it was legalized in Iowa, the crazies, such as NOM, started to fire back harder against the Court.  In the last election, several of the justices were removed by the voters.  This is now leading to possible repeal of gay marriage in Iowa.  I’ll let Iowa Grandmother Jean Argus take it from here.  Jean?

Well said Jean.  Justin and I haven’t made it to 30 years yet, but then we’re only 26 now.  We have however made it to 3.5 years and see our future together to be very strong.

Moving to another state, let’s shift the focus to Indiana.  Indiana is the state in which I was born, raised and have lived my entire life thus far.  However, that will be changing in the (somewhat) near future.  Once I move from this state I know that I will never be moving back.

I was born and raised in Union Mills, Indiana.  It’s a small town in the northwestern part of the state.  I went to school at South Central Community School Corporation.  It is a K-12 school which is self-contained in one building.  After I graduated with Academic Honors, I went to college locally at Purdue North Central.  Once I graduated college with my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems Technology, I worked in several fields before eventually moving to West Lafayette to be with my boyfriend, Justin.  I simultaneously obtained my current position as UNIX/Mac Desktop Support Specialist for the Physics Department of Purdue University.  Purdue is a great place to work.  It is an inclusive place to work.  While the state may not recognize who I am, I have Justin included on several of my health benefits as a recognized same-sex domestic partnership.  I am completely out at work and make no effort at all to hide it.  I have pictures of us both up all over my cubicle and we both are in a picture together with Pres. Cordova from last year’s Purdue Challenge.

However, Indiana is looking to push me out of the state and guarantee that I’ll never come back thanks to blatant discrimination.  Indiana already does not allow gay marriage thanks to the passage of DOMA at the state-level back in the late 90’s.  They’re looking to further grind that into the ground through House Joint Resolution 6, 2011.  This so far has passed two house discussions and will head to the Senate soon.  After that it will be up for discussion again in both segments and then will head to the voters where it will almost definitely be passed due to the mostly Republican nature of the state.

As I stated in a comment recently to the Journal and Courier, I find it appalling that the state in which I was born, raised and have lived my life, my home, is so sick as to write hate and discrimination directly into the state constitution.  This is the first time that this has been done in this state.  It is also sick because there are real issues that need to be resolved in this state such as a failing education system, budget deficit, etc.  However, let’s further discriminate against a group of people who just want to be recognized for loving one another.  A group of people who are no different from anyone else except for what goes on in the bedroom.  A group of people who are allowed to die for this country, pay for this country and state, support this country and state through the health care industry, education system, public works, etc yet are constantly being told that we are second-class citizens who deserve less than those standing right next to us.

It is truly sickening and disheartening indeed.

[pdf versions of the above two links for archival purposes]
Joint Resolution 0006
Journal & Courier Feb 13 Rapid Response

New Year Randomness

A few things for the new year:

  1. Congratulations to those in New Hampshire for being another state allowing gay marriage.  It’s a crime that it’s not globally recognized, but we’ll get there eventually.  I guess I wrongfully assumed that the phrase “…all men are created equal.” in the Declaration of Independence actually applied to ALL men.
  2. I was bad during the holidays and ran very very little, however I was able to at least maintain my weight, which is as good as one can hope for.
  3. I have removed the CAPTCHA from my site.  Apparently my WordPress upgrade last week broke that plugin.
  4. I am fixing the RSS feeds as they apparently haven’t been updating since about July.  Oops!

Have a great new year and I’ll post again soon – hopefully later this week.