More Than Just A Couple

Today, in an email from Indiana Equality Action, I learned that there are 614 rights and responsibilities denied to Justin and I as we are not able to get married in the State of Indiana.  These are on top of the 1,138 rights and responsibilities granted at the Federal level.  So now we’re up to 1,752 ways I am being denied rights and responsibilities at both the State and Federal levels of government.

How can anyone reasonably claim that to not be discrimination?

Click the photo to view all 614 items.

Pastor on Obama and Marriage Equality

The video above is difficult for me to watch because the Pastor’s voice is pretty hard to follow just because of his intonation.  However, it’s one of several great videos which have come out recently from various churches ever since President Obama stated his stance on marriage equality.  It’s well worth watching the entire video!

It’s Time

There’s a new ad going around in Australia which is probably the best ad for marriage equality that I’ve seen yet.  The video is embedded below, but it shows normal life and how two people want to just be together.  It’s not about gay marriage, people.  It’s about marriage.  Such a simple video, such a powerful message.