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  • ChatGPT – A Short Story

    ChatGPT is an interesting tool which gained popularity in the recent present as an AI model capable of a range of activities from answering basic questions from a vast amount of common knowledge, to writing creative texts, to providing basic programming frameworks which a developer can then expand upon. Tonight I happened to click back…

  • Shanghai – The First Few Days

    Justin and I are a few days in on our China 2011 trip.  While this trip is the first for both of us to get to visit Shanghai, the main purpose of this trip is two-fold.  One, it has been three years since he was able to visit his family so it’s time to reconnect…

  • 2011 Christmas Cards

    It’s coming up on that time of the year again to start preparing for Christmas.  This year will be especially busy as we will be going to China again.  It has been nearly three years since we’ve gone back and seen Justin’s family.  There is a lot of preparation work that goes into a trip…

  • Monday January 12, 2009

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  • Sunday January 11, 2009

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