Another Day, Another Run

Well, I just finished another run around the subdivision. This one was seven miles long. I was able to keep my average pace for the entire run under eight minutes but didn’t beat my best mile yet. Tough to get below 6:55!

Looking back at today there have been some other pretty cool running-related items that have happened.

A coworker looked at the results of the 5K and found that another person from my department had run in the race. I contacted him to confirm and he had seen me but then lost me in the swarm of people. He finished the race in 29th place, easily beating my time.  He is a great guy in the department, always nice and easy to talk to.  He’s also going to run a full-marathon in about two weeks, which I hope he does great at.  He gave me some information on a few other races which brings me to my next point.

I’m going to sign up for a race in October which will be here in Lafayette.  It will be a half-marathon (13.1 miles).  It’ll be exciting because it’ll be a nice long race yet will be pretty close to home and I won’t have to go drive a long distance to get to it.

Also, about a month before that half-marathon, I’m going to sign up for another that will be in Indianapolis!  This will be my first half-marathon done professionally and even though I’ve yet to sign up for it, I’m already pumped and can’t wait.