Québec Immigration Interview

Ice Skating at Rockefeller Center
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Trey Ratcliff via Compfight

In one week from now Justin and I will be in New York City with a Québec immigration official in order to determine if we will be admitted to the Quebec Skilled Worker program and if we will be issued a CSQ (Quebec Selection Certificate).  We have been working a year toward this goal and are working hard to make final preparations and studying.

Wish us luck!

Chengdu Panda Breeding Research Center

On December 30th, we traveled to the Chengdu Panda Breeding Research Center which is only 6 miles north of downtown Chengdu.  Once you arrive it is a quiet serene contrast to the rest of the city.  We went with several of Justin’s relatives and the album below is but a small sampling of the many photos taken.  It was a great day and I’m very glad we were able to go see China’s National Treasure – the Giant Panda.

Shanghai – The First Few Days

Justin and I are a few days in on our China 2011 trip.  While this trip is the first for both of us to get to visit Shanghai, the main purpose of this trip is two-fold.  One, it has been three years since he was able to visit his family so it’s time to reconnect and visit with some of his friends.  Second, and pretty importantly, he is coming out to his mom and dad and by extension (and inevitable gossip) – the rest of his family.

Well, two days ago – the day after we arrived and the same day his mom arrived in Shanghai – he came out to his mom.  It actually went great and significantly better than it would have for most Chinese guys.  Typically the families are very set in their ways and would usually think about how it’s bad for the family’s face or possibly that they would not have anyone to take care of them when they’re older.  His mom however is very forward-thinking about was great with the news.  She asked tons of questions such as if I was what had turned him gay.  He re-assured her I wasn’t and that he had crushes on other guys long before he met me.

Since we are all an extended family now, we have roamed around Shanghai together and with various friends.  The pictures below are from the past few days and are a small selection of the places we have been.