As a guy who is obviously hated by almost all Republicans and Conservatives, there is little I hate more in this great country than the crap-spewing Fox News Channel. Well, there is President Bush, but hate is a pretty strong word. Let me change my wording to say ‘very strongly disagree.’ Mom, thanks for teaching me not to hate.

Anyway, Fox News Channel is the scum of the news networks and of America in general. Now, I’m far from political. I’ve never voted (but will definitely vote Democrat, Liberal or well, anything but Republican in the next election), so I really can’t say too terribly much either. But honestly, how many networks are so blatantly Republican-controlled and misguided in partisanship as Fox? It really is out of hand. I don’t watch the news but when it’s on on other TVs in our house, or at other people’s houses, I have a hard time just calming myself down if Fox is on. I am outraged by how bass-ackwards that damn channel is. It’s almost as if they’re trying to drive America backwards due to their horribly slanted viewpoints.

I’m gay (yeah, you read that right). So naturally, Fox hates me. I’m not Republican (strike two). Now, if only I was black or Mexican so I could have a triple whammy against me. I’ll have to work on that. Wait! I’ve got it. I strongly disagree with this messed up pseudo-war that we’re in. (There we go.) I think Borat said it best when he said the line “Your war of terror.” War of Terror makes so much more sense since it’s obviously not a war ON terror. Weapons of Mass Destruction? Yeah, lets count how many of those we’ve actually found in the five or six years that this ridiculous war has gone on. I don’t even have to go onto my second hand if that far.

But I digress. Sorry about that – was meaning to focus my anger strictly to Fox and not to the entire Republican cult. There is a great documentary out that apparently came out in 2004 although I didn’t hear about it until this week called “OutFoxed.” If you haven’t heard of it, you can either buy the dvd on their website or you could just watch the whole thing on Google Video. I highly recommend watching the whole thing. It’s amazing how much Fox gets away with. I felt the most sorry for Jeremy Glick during the documentary. I’ve seen the idiot Bill O’Reilly bash a lot of people and I think he’s a pompass jerk who doesn’t deserve to speak at all let alone on a TV network. However, he was just completely out of line with Jeremy. Jeremy’s dad died during 9/11 as a port authority worker. The interview that Jeremy did for OutFoxed was great and I’m glad that he was able to speak properly at least in one place. Anyway, O’Reilly completely bashed Jeremy, but only after he started talking bad about the Bush Administration. The funny thing is that Jeremy knew something like that might happen so he timed how long it got to that point with other guests and got in as much as he could before that time was reached.

This post is turning into something way too long so I’m going to end it with this paragraph. As it should be blatantly obvious via the above text, I strongly believe that the Fox News Channel exists solely as the voice of the Republican party. Fox has the least “Fair and Balanced” news broadcasts of any network, despite what they proclaim. They are a network that really needs to be stopped if this country is to ever progress out of the social dark-ages that we are currently in.