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Tickle The Ivories


This past weekend, we became the new home for a beautiful vintage piano. A coworker of Justin’s is moving to a new opportunity and we were able to provide a great home for this beautiful piece.

The piano, a Wurlitzer 591, looks to have been produced in the 1940’s. It is a Wurlitzer spinet piano. While not very tall (around 4′), it is very heavy and difficult even for two people to move.

We have already started to enjoy playing it and look forward to truly learning to play. I look forward to cherishing this beautiful piano for many years to come!


Family Personal

The Wedding of Keith McDermott and Zhengbin Xu


This post is quite delayed! On October 5, 2013, a very amazing and happy event happened. I married the man of my life, Zhengbin Xu! We traveled to Davenport, Iowa and were joined by Mom, Dad, Corey, Danielle, Zach, Aaron, and Nathan. We were married in a short ceremony right on the bank of the Mississippi River by Magistrate Carrie Coyle. Afterward, we all had a nice lunch and had photos taken by Danielle at several beautiful locations around Davenport.









Personal Travel

April Canoe Trip

Today, we left home at 9:30, stopped at Burger King for breakfast (french toast, tater tots and a drink), then drove to Delphi Indiana to Hodges Canoe Trips for a Purdue Village sponsored trip.  Last week we signed up for $5 which covered everything once you are there.

We arrived at the location at 10:30.  It is right along the Wabash river just off of Highway 18 near Delphi.  Although we were supposed to leave by 11, we didn’t leave until almost 11:15 because the people organizing the event didn’t get there until then.  We then got in a small bus with the boats in tow (10 total), and drove 4.5 miles north along the river.  We were the first into the water of the group but our canoe was facing the wrong direction so had to try to get it going correctly.