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  • Backyard Panorama

    Saturday before dinner I went outside and played around some with the new Panorama mode on the new iPhone 5.  I’d heard that there were apps that could do this before, but I have never used those so thought I’d finally give it a shot.  The first try was interesting but I went to a […]

  • Recent Tech Updates

    This week has been pretty good for technology updates in my little world.  I’d like to highlight a few of these updates. First, the new iPhone 3.0 software update came out Wednesday.  The changes to the various programs are mainly fairly minor.  Such minor items include the ability to not load remote images in Mail, […]

  • WWDC ’09: Get ready to hide

    It’s coming up again tomorrow – WWDC.  What’s WWDC?  That’s the Worldwide Developers Conference help by Apple every year.  I enjoy this conference and usually end up constantly refreshing the news sites (typically Engadget) to get information on what was new information was released from Apple since the last update.

  • Stanford iPhone Development – Assignment 1

    On April 1, Stanford started a class, cs193p, which was added to iTunes U for free. This class, Cocoa Programming, is an introductory class to programming with Cocoa for the Mac and iPhone, iPod Touch.

  • iPhone 3G – two weeks later

    So, it’s been two weeks (ok, two and a half weeks) since I got my iPhone 3G. So far the experience has been amazing. The device itself is extremely easy to use. Everything just makes sense on it and requires very little effort to understand what is going on. I haven’t actually purchased a single […]