Time: A Precious Commodity

ClocksThis year, I have found myself beginning to have ever more commitments.  These additional calendar items have added more pressure to my calendar, yet I do see them as beneficial.

I am a part-time graduate student at Purdue University while also working full-time for the University.  This means that while maintaining a full 40+ hour work-week, I also have two classes which will place considerable time constraints on my calendar as the semester progresses.

Despite this, I have started working out drastically more than ever before.  Since I have started PowerHour, I have yet to miss a single session.  This is also a five-day-a-week commitment.

In addition, Justin and I do still enjoy a life with our doggy, Sparky.  I visit with family from afar when possible as well.

A full schedule can be very stressful and tiring, but the rewards can be large as well.  In my case, this hard work will pay off.  I will end up with a Master degree and a much fitter body.  I’ll be able to live an even better life with Justin, Sparky and our future family.

Photo Credit: nicksarebi via Compfight cc

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PowerHour Workout: Week 1


This morning at 6AM I went to my fourth PowerHour workout session. This is a one-hour workout that is pretty much non-stop and really pushes you. Cindy Cox, the instructor, makes sure to push you while also making sure your form is correct while providing constant encouragement.

Due to some pretty severe weather this week in the area, the schedule for the past week follows:
Saturday 8AM
Wednesday 6AM
Thursday 7:10PM
Friday 6AM

I am pretty sore after and am quickly finding out how weak my core is. My arms and abs are definitely not able to support my body weight yet but with enough work I will get there.

As Cindy says, you’re not in competition with anyone but yourself. And I’ll try my best to do better than the me from yesterday!

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Purdue Half Marathon and 5K

Yesterday was the first annual Purdue Half Marathon and 5K.  It was a pretty cold day ( 43º according to the Nike Running app), but the race itself was pretty fun.

As it took me days to fully recover from the half marathons that I have run, I have decided that they definitely aren’t for me.  I congratulate those that did run it, but I’m perfectly happy to run the 5k alone.

I’m also happy with my overall time although it definitely is lower than the first 5k I’ve ever ran back in 2010.

OVERALL RESULTS:            (Number finished = 763)

Place    Age
Overall  Grp  Name                     Pace     FINISH
     74   11  KEITH MCDERMOTT          07:57    24:42.5

The hardest part of the entire race was definitely the climb back up the back of the stadium. That is quite a steep incline!  (You can tell where this was on the track by looking at the darkest part of the heat-map for my run of the 5k to the right.  I actually just walked part of the way up!)

Despite the one slow-part I encountered, I did enjoy the race and would definitely run it again and recommend it to others.  It was the inaugural race so of course there will be kinks to work out, but it can only get better over time!

Enjoy a small gallery below of pics of runners from the half marathon and others in the 5k portion as well.


Purdue Relay for Life


Last night Justin and I participated in the 2012 Relay for Life held at the Purdue Armory. Justin went to man a booth through his fellowship and was selling cupcakes and gave supplies for people to make cards for children at Riley’s hospital. I went to walk the relay and enjoy the activities.

Justin and I were there for about three hours, two of which I walked. According to my readings that it takes 1 minute 46.1 seconds for one lap and each lap is 0.07 miles. So, that works out to about 5.75 miles of walking last night. Not a bad little workout.



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Isotretinoin – Week 2

Today starts week two of my treatment with Isotretinoin.  So, what’s changed so far?

Well, I’ve only gone through one week of treatment but some changes are starting to take place.  While I’ve not noticed any difference in the acne distribution and strength on my back, I have started to notice one of the most common side-effects – dry lips.  I haven’t really used Chapstick in a long time but have in the last few days applied it several times as my lips are tending to get dry at times.  I know that this will increase massively over the entire course of my treatment.

Although the strength of the acne on my back has not changed, I think that my back is starting to get a bit dryer although it very well could have just been from the relatively low humidity lately with the winter weather.

We’ll see what the next week brings and if the effects become more noticeable.