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Happy Birthday To Me!

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Yesterday, I had my 30th birthday.  I have now entered a milestone year and can look back on past achievements and future endeavors.

In the past year, I’ve bought a house with Justin, gotten married, assisted Justin in obtaining his permanent residency and we’ve celebrated being together for 6.5 years.

Coming up are even more advancement in my career, we will be initiating surrogacy, and I have another ten years until I hit the big 4-0!

Google helped me to celebrate yesterday with the image above.  We had a low-key evening last night with Justin studying after a nice dinner while I painted even more of our fence.  Mom and Dad came down for the weekend as well and we had a nice time together.  Tonight, Justin and I went to HuHot, where the Grill Warriors treated me to a Happy Birthday and a huge oil fire on the grill for my “birthday candles”!  He had to do it a second time because I didn’t make a wish on the first fireball!


Reflections On Those Who Have Passed

Tonight Justin and his family are going through a difficult time. His maternal Grandmother passed away two hours ago. I met her once each time I went to china. She was very nice and kind.

2009-01-03 Photo in Pixian
2009-01-03 Photo in Pixian
2011-12-28 Photo in Pixian
2011-12-28 Photo in Pixian


Justin shared some very nice memories with me of times with her. This has inspired me to write a bit about my Great Grandma and Grandpa Cummins.

Great Grandma lived in LaPorte, Indiana and passed a few years after her husband. I vividly remember the entire family going to her house each Halloween and going through the neighborhood for candy. I remember Great Grandpa Cummins and all the amazing things he built in his little shop. I have a cradle he made that Corey and I both were in as babies. I remember burning a winter coat on a heater in his shop as well.

I remember visiting them both often as a kid. They had a large beautiful grandfather clock and a massive stuffed animal that was a dog next to the clock.

I was relatively young when they passed but I thought I’d share a few memories I had.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year!  2013 was a productive year for Justin and I so let’s look back!

  • January – Justin’s 28th Birthday
  • January – Sparky’s 3rd Birthday
  • January – St. Louis Vacation
  • March – Justin started work at his new job
  • March – We closed on the purchase of our first house
  • June – Keith’s 29th Birthday
  • August – Denver Vacation
  • October – Justin and I got married in Davenport, Iowa!
  • October – We celebrated our wedding with family and friends while also celebrating our 6th year together as a couple
  • December – First Christmas in our new house and first year actually having a Christmas tree setup

Here’s to a prosperous and adventure-filled 2014!

Photo Credit: Jon Glittenberg via Compfight cc

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Tickle The Ivories


This past weekend, we became the new home for a beautiful vintage piano. A coworker of Justin’s is moving to a new opportunity and we were able to provide a great home for this beautiful piece.

The piano, a Wurlitzer 591, looks to have been produced in the 1940’s. It is a Wurlitzer spinet piano. While not very tall (around 4′), it is very heavy and difficult even for two people to move.

We have already started to enjoy playing it and look forward to truly learning to play. I look forward to cherishing this beautiful piano for many years to come!