Author: KeithMcD

  • Home Assistant and WAN tracking

    It looks like I was not able to make good on my promise to more frequently post content I find interesting, as it has been almost two years since the last post and almost five since any actual content was posted! However, today I would like to come back and start talking about home automation. […]

  • Welcome back

    Welcome back to It has been over three years since my last post and a considerable amount has changed in my life. We’ve moved to Washington state and I’ve changed jobs twice – moving from Purdue to Amazon Web Services and then over to Oracle where I am very happy! Our daughter has grown […]

  • Raspberry Pi (2011) model B as Unifi Controller

    I have setup new networking equipment to provide a large upgrade to my home network. One component that was required was a small server to manage the access point, a Unifi AP AC Pro. One option is to purchase a small device from Ubiquiti called a Cloud Key that has the management software pre-loaded. Another option […]

  •  Linux Authentication Testing 

    I am coming out of a very long hiatus of posting to my site to start posting content I feel is interesting. You, however, may be put to sleep by it! Today we are going to take a look at how to test various Linux authentication methods. As an example, let’s assume we have an […]

  • Cruise Night

    Last night was Cruise Night here in Mayfield Village, OH. The night was filled with local food, live bands, and vintage cars. The second band below was my favorite. They were doing very good covers of great music from the 50’s and 60’s! Enjoy the below set of pictures from the evening! Looking forward to […]