Reflections On Those Who Have Passed

Tonight Justin and his family are going through a difficult time. His maternal Grandmother passed away two hours ago. I met her once each time I went to china. She was very nice and kind.

2009-01-03 Photo in Pixian
2009-01-03 Photo in Pixian
2011-12-28 Photo in Pixian
2011-12-28 Photo in Pixian


Justin shared some very nice memories with me of times with her. This has inspired me to write a bit about my Great Grandma and Grandpa Cummins.

Great Grandma lived in LaPorte, Indiana and passed a few years after her husband. I vividly remember the entire family going to her house each Halloween and going through the neighborhood for candy. I remember Great Grandpa Cummins and all the amazing things he built in his little shop. I have a cradle he made that Corey and I both were in as babies. I remember burning a winter coat on a heater in his shop as well.

I remember visiting them both often as a kid. They had a large beautiful grandfather clock and a massive stuffed animal that was a dog next to the clock.

I was relatively young when they passed but I thought I’d share a few memories I had.

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Great memories ,Keith, I bet Justin has many as well. That is a beautiful family picture.

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