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Today, a tragedy occurred on campus.  Andrew Boldt, a senior in ECE and TA for ECE 362 was shot and killed by fellow TA Cody Cousins.  The shooting is said to be targeted as no-one else was involved and Cody went outside and waited to be taken into custody.

While completely senseless, the Purdue community has come together to support each other and the family and friends of Andrew.  My thoughts go out to his family during this difficult time.

Myself, I was in class in KNOY which is the next building over from EE where the shooting happened.

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Time: A Precious Commodity

ClocksThis year, I have found myself beginning to have ever more commitments.  These additional calendar items have added more pressure to my calendar, yet I do see them as beneficial.

I am a part-time graduate student at Purdue University while also working full-time for the University.  This means that while maintaining a full 40+ hour work-week, I also have two classes which will place considerable time constraints on my calendar as the semester progresses.

Despite this, I have started working out drastically more than ever before.  Since I have started PowerHour, I have yet to miss a single session.  This is also a five-day-a-week commitment.

In addition, Justin and I do still enjoy a life with our doggy, Sparky.  I visit with family from afar when possible as well.

A full schedule can be very stressful and tiring, but the rewards can be large as well.  In my case, this hard work will pay off.  I will end up with a Master degree and a much fitter body.  I’ll be able to live an even better life with Justin, Sparky and our future family.

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PowerHour Workout: Week 1


This morning at 6AM I went to my fourth PowerHour workout session. This is a one-hour workout that is pretty much non-stop and really pushes you. Cindy Cox, the instructor, makes sure to push you while also making sure your form is correct while providing constant encouragement.

Due to some pretty severe weather this week in the area, the schedule for the past week follows:
Saturday 8AM
Wednesday 6AM
Thursday 7:10PM
Friday 6AM

I am pretty sore after and am quickly finding out how weak my core is. My arms and abs are definitely not able to support my body weight yet but with enough work I will get there.

As Cindy says, you’re not in competition with anyone but yourself. And I’ll try my best to do better than the me from yesterday!


Reflections On Those Who Have Passed

Tonight Justin and his family are going through a difficult time. His maternal Grandmother passed away two hours ago. I met her once each time I went to china. She was very nice and kind.

2009-01-03 Photo in Pixian
2009-01-03 Photo in Pixian
2011-12-28 Photo in Pixian
2011-12-28 Photo in Pixian


Justin shared some very nice memories with me of times with her. This has inspired me to write a bit about my Great Grandma and Grandpa Cummins.

Great Grandma lived in LaPorte, Indiana and passed a few years after her husband. I vividly remember the entire family going to her house each Halloween and going through the neighborhood for candy. I remember Great Grandpa Cummins and all the amazing things he built in his little shop. I have a cradle he made that Corey and I both were in as babies. I remember burning a winter coat on a heater in his shop as well.

I remember visiting them both often as a kid. They had a large beautiful grandfather clock and a massive stuffed animal that was a dog next to the clock.

I was relatively young when they passed but I thought I’d share a few memories I had.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year!  2013 was a productive year for Justin and I so let’s look back!

  • January – Justin’s 28th Birthday
  • January – Sparky’s 3rd Birthday
  • January – St. Louis Vacation
  • March – Justin started work at his new job
  • March – We closed on the purchase of our first house
  • June – Keith’s 29th Birthday
  • August – Denver Vacation
  • October – Justin and I got married in Davenport, Iowa!
  • October – We celebrated our wedding with family and friends while also celebrating our 6th year together as a couple
  • December – First Christmas in our new house and first year actually having a Christmas tree setup

Here’s to a prosperous and adventure-filled 2014!

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