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Québec Interview Result: Pending

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Justin and I just got done with our interview with the Québec Immigration official and while we were not granted the CSQ we were also not rejected. We were told that our French should be at an intermediate level whereas it is at a basic level currently. Also, we have traveled to Toronto but have not been to Montreal as well. We will hear back in two weeks on her decision.

In the meantime I am already making preparations to join Alliance Français in Chicago and go through an intense course in June to begin classes in July.

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Maurice Sendak

Maurice Sendak, most famous for his children’s book “Where the Wild Things Are” has passed away yesterday.  Enjoy some great Steven Colbert videos of him below.

Maurice Sendak Part 1

Maurice Sendak Part 2

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Québec Immigration Interview

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In one week from now Justin and I will be in New York City with a Québec immigration official in order to determine if we will be admitted to the Quebec Skilled Worker program and if we will be issued a CSQ (Quebec Selection Certificate).  We have been working a year toward this goal and are working hard to make final preparations and studying.

Wish us luck!


Impossible Driving Test

Belgium decided to prove why driving and texting is bad by making a fake modification to the driving test for some new drivers.  Take a look at the results in the video above.