Marriage Equality

Another marriage equality video, this time from a campaign in the UK.  They’re not real soldiers but it’s still a great short video.  The best way I can sum it up is to quote the commenter cjmandrake “Remember, they aren’t special rights, they are equal rights.”

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Molly Wanted to Say…

Last night Justin and I went out to eat a fantastic dinner at Burger King (sarcasm is heavily intended) because we didn’t have much to eat at home and wanted to get something fairly quick.  Before we left I was transcribing some of a Pimsleur French lesson and Molly decided she’d try her hand paw at it after we left.  Follows is the last two lines I wrote and then what she typed out for me.  How she typed a “é” which requires three key presses, I will never know.

Maintenant essayez de dire ‘but our older son.’
Mais, notre fils aîné.

“““““““““““““““ré1 `qftttfctw


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Photogenic Sparky

The SparkyCam site has been broken for a while but will soon be updated to show one pic per day.  Here are a few pics of Sparky recently that have showed up to show how photogenic he can be.

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Purdue 5k 2012

Today was the 2012 Purdue 5k Challenge. Mom and Dad came down to watch us run. This was Justin’s first official 5k and he did great! My bib was #888 and I finished 179th place with a time of 24:03. Justin was #1392 and finished 433rd place with a time of 28:14.


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Happy Birthday, Molly!


A quick post to say Happy Birthday to Molly! She is 17 years young today but doesn’t look a day over 5. She’s still just as lively as ever.