Month: May 2009

  • King’s Island

    This weekend, Justin and I went to King’s Island with my coworker Dennis, his wife (Julie) and their boy (Matthew – 4yrs old).  Now, one thing to take into account with me and amusement parks is that I have a huge fear of heights.  Even then, it’s not really the heights that get me, it’s […]

  • Gay = Sin

    The first half of the video is kind of hard to listen to (due to the content) but it gets better. The imagery that goes along with the video is sweet and well-done. Video by Matthew Brown Music by Sigur Ros

  • Proud to be gay

    Are you proud to be gay?  The video below shows many people who are proud to be gay.  It was made by and the Committee for the International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia.  Although I don’t think I’m any different than anyone else, I am Proud to be gay.

  • Once again, Keith Olbermann is great

    RNC chair Michael Steele is now trying to state that gay marriages will cost small business more because then they’d have to pay more benefits…  Yeah, because that makes sense.  Take it from here Keith!

  • Server went for a lie-down

    Well, it looks like sometime either late Wednesday or early Thursday the server that my sites are hosted on wanted a rest, so it took one.  The RAID array that it’s located on had major issues and failed to rebuild twice which prompted my host to replace hardware.  They ended up building a new server […]