Québec Interview Result: Pending

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Justin and I just got done with our interview with the Québec Immigration official and while we were not granted the CSQ we were also not rejected. We were told that our French should be at an intermediate level whereas it is at a basic level currently. Also, we have traveled to Toronto but have not been to Montreal as well. We will hear back in two weeks on her decision.

In the meantime I am already making preparations to join Alliance Français in Chicago and go through an intense course in June to begin classes in July.

Québec Immigration Interview

Ice Skating at Rockefeller Center
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In one week from now Justin and I will be in New York City with a Québec immigration official in order to determine if we will be admitted to the Quebec Skilled Worker program and if we will be issued a CSQ (Quebec Selection Certificate).  We have been working a year toward this goal and are working hard to make final preparations and studying.

Wish us luck!

Wedding Bells Abound

Wedding bands

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It seems like wedding bells are ringing for everyone anymore.  In October I had accepted a job offer after applying to a different part of Purdue University.  In talking with my new manager, I found out she wasn’t married but had been with her boyfriend about as long as Justin and I have been.  Apart from one or two other people, she was the only person other than Justin and I that I knew who wasn’t married.  This past week that changed when she married her boyfriend and became husband and wife.

While I am happy for her and she is one of the most friendly, cheerful and inspiring people I am happy to have met, I’m sad that Justin and I are once again the only un-married couple I know.  I don’t want much – I just want to make official our love for each other in the eyes of the government.  I want to enjoy spending the rest of our lives together in the security that we are able to enjoy all the protections and responsibilities afforded by marriage.  I do not understand why this is such a bad thing and why I still cannot marry the person I love.

The new iPad


Today Apple and it’s team of executives headed by Tim Cook announced the new iPad. No number, no “HD” for this one, just “the new iPad”. This will surely cause some confusion, so let’s just all agree to call it the third generation iPad shall we?

As time has gone on, I have found myself using my iMac and MacBook less and less and instead relying on the iPad more and more. As a matter of fact, this post is being written from the WordPress app for iPad. Apart from needing to find a comparable replacement for Quicken for the iPad, I have almost no real use for my laptop anymore. My desktop is also becoming more a storage and media server as I rarely touch it as well. It is a late 2007 iMac.

So, Justin and I talked about it and I went ahead and bought the new iPad. Once it comes in, Justin will get the iPad2 so he can have all the features of a tablet as well. I also bought the camera connection kit so I can hook up my camera and transfer the pics to the iPad. This will allow me to completely negate the need for a laptop or netbook at all when traveling. All I need now is an app for tethering to my DSLR and I’ll really be a happy camper! Looking forward to March 16th when it will supposedly arrive.