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More Than Just A Couple

Today, in an email from Indiana Equality Action, I learned that there are 614 rights and responsibilities denied to Justin and I as we are not able to get married in the State of Indiana.  These are on top of the 1,138 rights and responsibilities granted at the Federal level.  So now we’re up to 1,752 ways I am being denied rights and responsibilities at both the State and Federal levels of government.

How can anyone reasonably claim that to not be discrimination?

Click the photo to view all 614 items.


Comcast, Alternative DNS and CDNs

Recently I started noticing problems with our Comcast service that although speed tests were very speedy, as were certain downloads – primarily torrents of Linux distributions, other content downloads were pathetically slow.  These would include items such as iTunes downloads, streaming content and the like.  It wasn’t until I switched my router from using Google DNS (, back to using Comcast DNS and seeing a drastic speed increase did I realize why this slowdown was occurring.  The issue here is with Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and alternative DNS services.

CDNs are great services that replicate data across a number of data centers to offer faster access to the content by allowing you to reach a center closer to your physical location.  This allows for lower latency as your connection has to go through fewer hops so you can get a better experience.  The problem comes with using alternative DNS services such as Google DNS.  These services tend to mess with the geo-location features of the CDNs and as such, they may route you to a center that is further away which would create a slower experience for the users.

This is the problem that we were seeing.  As mentioned, once I changed us back to using Comcast’s default DNS servers, everything from iTunes downloads and general page loading times increased dramatically.  Despite my disdain for Comcast DNS, I guess I’ll be leaving that alone for a while.